About us

How Valmore Began

Nestled along the southwestern coast of Sicily, at the heart of the Belice Valley near Castelvetrano, our story begins. These lands have been graced by the presence of olive groves since time immemorial, even preceding the establishment of Selinunte in the 17th century B.C. It's a landscape that has borne witness to the archaeological grandeur of civilizations that mastered the art of harmonizing with nature in the Belice River Valley and its surroundings.

Our Story

In 2009, our brand was born with a mission: to elevate the local production of family-owned agricultural businesses in the enchanting region of Castelvetrano. Born from the vision of its founder Nicolò Asta, it's a tribute to the simplicity and character of the landscape, reviving the value of cherished family olive groves and the enduring olive tradition of the nearby lands. Guided by the passionate eyes of an agricultural professional, we bottle the finest extra virgin olive oils in one of Sicily's most celebrated olive-producing regions.


At Valmore, we proudly oversee our family farm and partner with select businesses known for their professionalism. These are small, family-run enterprises that cherish the time-honored values of our local agricultural heritage, from the careful cultivation and management of plants to the art of harvesting. Valmore is dedicated to supporting the flourishing revival of our region, using it as an inspiration to restore and enhance ancient olive groves, allowing us to proudly label and share the very best with the world.

Our Expertise in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The art of crafting extra virgin olive oil in this region has attained global acclaim. We firmly believe that the selection of the finest, healthiest olives, coupled with meticulous washing, leaf removal, and cold extraction, is imperative for achieving superior quality.

Valmore carefully stores its chosen oils in medium-capacity stainless steel tanks, adhering to stringent food safety standards. They are maintained at controlled temperatures and shielded by a nitrogen atmosphere to safeguard freshness and shield the oil from oxidation. This meticulous approach guarantees the preservation of the unique flavors of our extra virgin oils, designed for discerning palates.

Our journey is infused with a profound appreciation for the rich history, traditions, and culture that have defined Sicily for centuries.