Have you ever been to Sicily?

Centuries-old olive trees surround a virgin forest of cork oak and our Mediterranean scrubland. Where Sicilian stories meet love bonds and memories, we produce Sicilian olives and extra virgin olive oil. Coffee beans traditionally roasted over wood in exclusive blends, the sublime scent of our fresh citrus fruits, lemons, and much more.

Nature and inspiration

In the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily boasts immense biodiversity and unique flavors. We live in a beautiful place where the land is fertile and generous. In every corner, there is a story of people and agriculture

  • Handpicked

    From organically cultivated olive groves traditionally grown only in Italy, in the province of Trapani in Castelvetrano, all olives are hand-harvested and gently placed in small baskets made of reed or other woven materials.

  • Native varieties

    We ensure the exclusive use of Sicilian olive cultivars and the preservation of our biodiversity. Committed to respecting the land and implementing improving conditions to maintain the wild personality of the surrounding nature.