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Wood-Roasted Coffee Beans / Italiana 102 / 100% Arabica Blend

Wood-Roasted Coffee Beans / Italiana 102 / 100% Arabica Blend

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Wood-Roasted Coffee Beans/ Italiana 102 - 100% Arabica Blend

Freshly Roasted - Fresh Italian Coffee Roasting! Origin: Brazil - Colombia - Ethiopia

Description: Our premium arabica coffee blend offers a balanced taste with a round flavor profile and medium acidity, accompanied by a thick and creamy crema. Enjoy aromatic notes of chocolate and fruit for an authentic Italian espresso experience at any time.

Ideal For: Coffee enthusiasts seeking pleasure in their espresso moments.


  • Roast Level: Medium-dark Sicilian, in Italian style
  • Processing: Slow artisanal roasting in Sicily using local olive and almond wood, crafted in small 30kg batches at a time.
  • Packaging: Triple-layer aluminium polymer bags with a protective atmosphere
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from production
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